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Jewelry Care

Taking proper care of your jewelry ensures that it will last for years to come.

We recommend removing jewelry when swimming, showering, sleeping and for any intense activity such as cleaning, gardening, or exercising.

Avoiding impact and pressure is important to the maintenance of your jewelry. Dropping, banging, or catching the piece will weaken it over time.

Natural stones will each have a different level of durability. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are the hardest and will resist scratching and chipping the best. Opals and pearls are some of the softest gemstones, so use extra care with them and avoid any trauma. Avoid wearing gemstone jewelry in high heat, such as hot tubs. Sensitive gemstones such as opals and turquoise can become damaged beyond repair.

Store your jewelry in a safe and organized space and make sure your natural stones are stored somewhere cool, dry, and shaded.

Cleaning your jewelry will remove skin oils, dirt, and other surface residue that has stuck to your jewelry. We recommend using a soft cloth or toothbrush, dipped in warm soapy water and gently scrub the metal. Rinse clean with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Refrain from using chemical jewelry cleaners and store bought cleaners as they can be harsh and should be used sparingly or avoided entirely with stone jewelry.

Metal Information

Sterling + Fine Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with chemicals found in air and can produce tarnish, especially when exposed to high moisture levels and contaminants such as salt water.  When worn regularly, silver usually keeps its bright state. If kept out for periods of time, even unworn it can tarnish. You can easily rid your silver jewelry of tarnish with a simple polish. We recommend using a Blue Sunshine polishing cloth to gently wipe your Rockhaus Metals jewelry. Do not use your Sunshine cloth on oxidized jewelry, however, as the cloth will remove the black patina. If you will not be wearing your silver jewelry for an extended period of time, take steps to protect it by keeping it in airtight packages, and store in a cool, dry place, plastic bag, or airtight container.

Oxidized silver is not a permanent treatment, so it will fade over time and reveal the shiny silver beneath. It fades differently on every person depending on body chemistry, so you may notice a difference within a few weeks, months, or years down the line.

14k Gold Fill

Gold-filled metals are an excellent alternative to solid gold, offering gold's characteristic warm yellow or blushing rose tones at a fraction of the cost. Gold-filled is made by heat- and pressure-bonding a thin layer of karat gold to a brass (or other base metal) core. The value of gold-filled is greater than gold-plated because gold-filled has an actual layer of karat gold, not just a microscopic film, as is the case with gold-plated items. And unlike gold plate, it will not flake. Please care for your gold fill pieces just as you would a gold piece of jewelry. Gently polish by hand with a clean cloth.


If your jewelry needs repair, we are happy to be of assistance for any product purchased through RockhausMetals.com. Additional cost may be required depending on the nature of the repair. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. Please contact me at kristina@rockhausmetals.com for further information.